Supporting Food Banks During The COVID-19 Pandemic
We've shipped over a million items of PPE to around 750 UK food banks. Email us for a form to request a free of charge delivery of gloves or face masks to your organisation.

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Find out what food banks near you, from 928 around the UK, are requesting at...

🤓Techies! There is also an API to access our data.

For Food Banks


We aim to index the needs of all UK food banks, covering networked and independent organisations. Contact us to be included if you aren't already.


We're able to deliver the food required at locations within 24-48hrs and have done so to 183 food banks.


We also deliver non-food items such as toiletries, plus items like cardboard boxes and disposable gloves.

About Us

Whilst we believe that food banks should not exist in our country, we aim to help local organisations address the immediate and critical need created by food insecurity.

We've supplied over 700 UK food banks around 76.6 tonnes of precisely needed food and supplies.

Over four million people have viewed our realtime food bank need data. We became a charity in 2020.

We operate independent of religion and are primarily privately funded by the Cartwright family.

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"All our most needed items brought to our doorstep. Thank you so much for your commitment & generosity"
"This is a really clever way of giving to foodbanks exactly what they need at that point in time"
"Just the food we need at the time we need it most - it will make such a difference"
"You are mind readers"