Give Food


We maintain the largest public database of UK food banks, and the items they are requesting to have donated.

This service allows to to get access to this data over HTTPS in JSON, GeoJSON, XML or YAML.

Our API and data has been used by governments, councils, supermarkets, hundreds of national & local news websites, apps & the Trussell Trust.


  • Do good with the data
  • Try not to make requests more than a few times a second
  • If you display a food bank and their need also use their URL to link to them. This will help the user get them what they request
  • Credit us with a link to our homepage if you republish
  • Cache, but don't cache for too long. All this is updated at least every few hours


  • We define a food bank as the organisation
  • A food bank has one or more locations


Please contact us at if you're going to launch something using our data. We'll be more than happy to help with any technical questions & optimisations, PR and to ensure that we're all helping food banks as effectively as possible.